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Sell&Avoid is my first "complete" game/project.
The game consist in selling houses, avoiding some small talk from Passersby and dont letting your rival sell more houses than you.

Sprite from: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - nes
Ripped by Wing Wang Wao

Keyboard Controls:

Walk: Left and Right
Jump: Space
Swing your cane: Z

The goal is to sell the houses to the woman with a spinning coin above her head. Pay attention to the big arrow that indicate where the woman is. Sometimes people passing by will start a conversation and it will stop you from advance. You can jump over to avoid them. Later you will have a rival trying to sell the same house and you will have to get there first. But wait....you can pay some passersby to start a conversation with your rival to halt his advance to.

This is my first game, that I create only to had my start, its has some issues. The second one will be way better!!!!


Sell&Avoid (ver 0.9).rar 9 MB

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